Rocketship Comedy

The lifeblood of the Indianapolis independent standup comedy scene.


Over the years, some really awesome people have helped us run this operation. They don't work with us today, but we're damn thankful for all the work they did put in when they did.  You can check 'em out below.


Pauline Shypula

Pauline Shypula was the photographer and social media correspondent for Rocketship Comedy for over 2 and a half years. During that time, she documented and promoted comedy in our city tirelessly (you can see a lot of her work in our Gallery), and we can't thank her enough for all her hard work. You can still support Pauline through her photography, her character work at An Evening with the Authors* at the White Rabbit Cabaret, or her belly dancing with Indy Tribal's student troupe, Mandali Tribal Sisters. 

Pauline's Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Jordan Mather-Licht

Jordan Mather-Licht is one of the founders of The Monday Show, which he helped run for its first year. His expertise helped us make the Shoefly basement into one of the best open mics in the state. At the beginning of 2011, Jordan Mather-Licht started doing standup comedy. In that time, he has appeared on the Bob & Tom show, as well as being a featured performer at the 2014 & 2015 Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha Comedy Festival, and the 2015 Limestone Comedy Festival. Nowadays, you can find Jordan in NYC.

Jordan's Website | Twitter 


Alex Prichodko

Alex Prichodko is one of the other founders of the Monday Show.  He too helped run the show for its first year, and gave it a hell of a start. A comic, improviser, writer, and actor, Alex jumped into the comedy world in January of 2014 and has kept himself too busy since. He is currently trying to think of some one-liners. Contact Alex if you have any good one-liners for sale or free. If you're in Chicago, keep a lookout for Alex. We miss him.

Alex's Twitter | Youtube 


Background image by Pauline Shypula.