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Events in August

The month of July has come and gone, and with it, a whole lot of changes for Rocketship Comedy. We are now diving headlong into the month of August and with each weekend packed, we have another great show. We are settling into our new home at the Alley Cat Lounge Front Room, who have graciously taken us in.

Mary Mack

Mary Mack

We kicked off our first show with the phenomenal comedic duo Mary Mack and Tim Harmston. The house was packed, with people standing against the walls to maintain a good view. Cam O'Connor came back from Ohio to start the night off as the show's MC. Afterwards, Stephen Vincent Giles did his characteristically downtrodden, self-deprecating, yet hysterically funny act, which led Mary Mack to ask about his well-being throughout evening. Both hers and Tim's Wisconsin hospitality shone through whenever a confused bar patron walked in while either of the two were in mid-sentence. Each would graciously pause the set to welcome the newcomers, even going so far as to chase after a pair. At the end of the show, Mary led the audience in a sing-a-long, many of whom gleefully shouted the refrain "There's a lotta crazy people in the world/ There's a lotta crazy people/ lotta fucked up people/ there's a lotta crazy people in the world." No one was shy about joining in. Afterwards, we hosted an additional showcase, a cherished but rare event.

With such a high bar set by Mary Mack and Tim Harmston, it was certainly a difficult act to contend with the following week. Brooklyn-based comedian Katie Hannigan came over to be that worthy follow-up. She, along with the other comedians part of the show, made for yet another great night of comedy in Indianapolis. It was assuredly a positive omen of things to come. Lucas Waterfill, who was just featured in the most recent issue of NUVO, made an appearance that evening. Once again, he closed out his set to raucous applause and laughter. Katie was vocal about testing out her new material at the Alley Cat Front Room that night, and it was to no one's surprise that her set was both wonderful and engaging. Her charming demeanor coupled with her down-to-earth and honest outlook ensured that this experimental set landed successfully.


Our schedule in August has now been booked up with a variety of performances, consisting of both local and out-of-town acts. Cincinnati comedian Chris Siemer kicks off the month on August 2nd. Local comic and man of many talents, Big Jim Leugers headlines the following weekend. In the middle of August, Rocketship Comedy has a special treat coming to town: The Boobs on Parade tour, which will consist of comedians David Britton, Josh Cocks, and Jordan Mather-Licht. Vincent Holiday comes to the Alley Cat the Sunday after the Boobs have paraded across our stage. Then we have Dave Stone headlining our Flat 12 show on Friday, August 28th. And finally, Gabe Kea closes out the month of August on the last Sunday at the Alley Cat Lounge Front Room.

We look forward to seeing you there, Indy.

This post was originally published on another site on August 7th, 2015

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