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Classes & Workshops

Our scene is growing here in Indianapolis. We're getting more and more shows. Our locals are gaining more experience. One of the great things about the scene in Indy is the fact that we all want to help each other in every way. Some comedians have organized workshops and seminars around the city. Whether you are brand new to comedy or a seasoned veteran, there's always something new to learn. Please read more about the various education efforts local comedians are offering:

Sunday Writers Circle with Mariah Anglin

  • Every Sunday at the Alley Cat Lounge Front Room | 6267 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 7 PM - 8:30 PM
  • A low pressure, community workshop experience. Comedians work together on one person's joke at a time to uncover more about the joke and how to make it better.
  • Official Rules
    1.  Bring a joke. Something thought out, and you would try for the first time at an open mic. No a vague concepts. We won’t write a joke for you.

    2.  One person at a time, one joke at a time. One joke, A section of a longer story, or a couple one liners.

    3.  Constructive Criticism. You’re allowed to not like a joke, but don't just say “Its dumb.” say “I feel this joke is dumb because…” and present a possible solution

    4. If you give someone a tag or a punch line, it is theirs. If you regret giving it you’d be a dick to work backwards from the punch you gave just to have it for your own.

    5. Have fun, don’t be a dick.

  • Contact Mariah Anglin for more information

Saturday Writer's Workshop with Gerry Gobel

  • Every Saturday at First Church of Cannabis | 3400 S. Rural, Indianapolis, IN 46237
  • 2 PM - 4 PM
  • Writers workshop with a focus on joke construction and stagecraft. Train in the Art of Emceeing and Performance Elements on stage at the Church.
  • Goal of the workshop is to polish comics to help them get work and improve the scene.

Crossroads Comedy Festival Workshops

  • In addition to featuring a variety of comedic acts, the three-day festival in early October offers comedy-oriented workshops that help comedians hone their skills. The organizers as well as the workshop leaders are often local stand-up, sketch, and improv comedians.
  • Past workshops have included character work, improvising with puppets, and stage combat.
  • Visit the Crossroads Comedy Festival's website to find our more about this year's workshops.

Improv Classes

  • There are two improv theaters/groups in Indianapolis that offer formal instruction: INDYPROV and  CSz Indianapolis.
  • In addition to standard short form introductory, intermediate, and advanced classes, INDYPROV also offers drop-in classes to develop specific skillsets. Past drop-ins include standup, long form improv, and improv with puppets.

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