Rocketship Comedy

The lifeblood of the Indianapolis independent standup comedy scene.

Rocketship Comedy is a comedy group that aims to put on shows not just of themselves for themselves, but rather build up the comedy scene in Indianapolis by organizing shows, featuring local talent, and bringing comedians from around the country to our city. Behind the scenes, you have a group of people working together to make all that happen.

Cam O'Connor

Cam O'Connor began doing stand up comedy in 2008. After a few years, Cam noticed that something was missing from the scene. He wanted a place to give audiences amazing headliners while providing local comics with opportunities for growth. And so,  Cam launched  Rocketship Comedy in 2011. He built the ship on a foundation of hard work and zero bullshit, but always with a hefty amount of respect for his fellow comedians.  Rocketship Comedy  quickly developed into a solid, thriving and creative comedy community. Cam  has since moved to Cincinnati, but returns to Indianapolis as often he can.

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Leslie Dinsmore

Stand up comedian, sketch writer and improv-er, Leslie loves performing on Rocketship stages and so many others scattered across the growing Indianapolis comedy scene! When she isn’t creating sketches with Family Friends or performing improv with INDYPROV, she is busy helping plan the second annual Cross Roads Comedy Festival as well as charity events for animal conservation.

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Joe Fitzpatrick

Joe Fitzpatrick is an Indy standup, improviser, and sketch writer. When he's not telling jokes on Rocketship stages, you can see him performing with INDYPROV or on Youtube with the sketch group Family Friends. Science fiction ruined his hopes for a prosperous future, but he likes pizza too much to go vegan.

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Sam Griswold

A stand up comedian and writer for the Bob and Tom Show, Sam Griswold spends his down time working on sketches and his web-series Not Good Enough. He's a regular on An Evening with the Authors* as well as the storytelling show Speakeasy, both held at the White Rabbit Cabaret. His forthcoming podcast, Sam's Grisworld with Sam Griswold, has been forthcoming for a while now, but we trust that it will be good. Sam produces the Sunday Showcase.

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Evanne Offenbacker

Standup comedian, improviser, and owner of two cats; Evanne Offenbacker has been performing since 2013. She has performed in festivals such as Chicago Improv Festival, Crossroads Comedy Festival, and Gal Pal Comedy Fest. She's currently a member of IndyProv, an improv troupe in Indianapolis, and her standup comedy was once reviewed as "totally adorable and mildly obscene." Evanne co-hosts The Monday Show with Willie Bostic.

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Tyson Cox

A Tyson Cox has been doing comedy since 2013 and has never looked back. He loves performing, writing, and bears. Not bears, beers. BEERS. 

Dictated, not read.

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We'd also like to thank all of the folks who've helped us in the past. Check 'em out on our Alumni page!

Background image by Pauline Shypula.